1Find a property you love

Use our property search to browse through the list of available houses and find the perfect fit for you. We can assist whether you are first, second, third year or a post graduate student.

2Arrange a viewing

Contact us online to request a viewing. We'll show you round the house and help you find your perfect property.

3Choose your property

So, you have found your home, how exciting! Please email us the contact details of all members in the group.

4Reserve your property and make a payment

We will send you all the important information you need to know including a copy of the tenancy agreement for you to read through and payment details for the holding fee in order to secure the property for you.

5Sign tenancy agreement and relevant documents

The last step is to arrange a date to meet with us in our local office to sign the tenancy agreement and provide us with all relevant documentation including the guarantor form. This is also a great opportunity to get to know each other and for you to ask any questions. Once this is completed, the property is yours and it’s time to get excited about moving in!