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Tim ,


About Tim

Hi - I am Tim and I co-founded Students on the Green with my sister Becky quite a few years now. We knew that we could create a better option for students of Royal Holloway who were looking to move out of halls. We aim to give a personal service with properties located in good locations and kept to a great standard. Becky runs the team and who you will be more likely to meet. I have taken a step back and spend more time looking out for our next property and helping my sister whenever she needs it. I have a passion for adventure and sporting challenges, I have sailed across oceans and summited some of the world’s highest mountains. I now married and myself and my wife continually try and combat our busy schedules with a spot of traveling to far flung places.

Rebecca ,


About Rebecca

Hi - I'm Rebecca (or Becky for short). I co-founded Students on the Green with my brother Tim following quite a drastic career change working in a corporate role within the pharmaceutical industry after graduating. Students on the Green really is my baby and I am immensely proud of how far we've come; from purchasing our first property in Englefield Green back in 2003 to where we are today with over 15 properties of our own and an increasing portfolio of landlords who wish to use our managed services. I like to think of us as a small but dedicated team who pride ourselves in offering a uniquely personal service and really understand what our students need as well as knowing the local area very well. Going to university is such a huge opportunity and we really want our students to love living in our properties, make lasting friendships and get the very best out of the experience. I have two young girls who keep me very busy with all their sporting activities which help keep me active too! In my spare time I teach yoga (another passion of mine) and love to travel.

Charissa ,


About Charissa

Hi - I'm Charissa. I joined Students on the Green in September 2013, a year after moving from South Africa to the UK. My previous career path involved arranging bespoke safaris and once-in-a-lifetime holidays for international visitors to South Africa. With my experience of working under pressure, providing great service and being at the front line with customers, I feel I fitted right into the SOTG role. Besides having a keen eye to ensure the properties are kept to a high standard, coordinating and dealing with maintenance work, I also pride myself in being fully committed to the well-being of our students.

Tracy ,


About Tracy

Hi - I'm Tracy and the newest member of the SOTG team. I joined in September 2021 at a really busy changeover time so was thrown in at the deep end! However, it was a great opportunity to get to know the team, learn the ropes and prove myself capable of meeting the demands of the business. I love the variety of the job but most of all I love talking to the students, finding out about their studies and their hobbies and helping them find the right house. I have two grown up sons, both of whom went to university, so I totally understand how important it is for students to be happy with where they're living. I have been really impressed with the way in which SOTG genuinely cares about our students and I feel privileged to be part of this great team.

David ,


About David

Hi - I’m David. I have been part of the Students on the Green team for nearly 10 years. My primary role is property maintenance for all the houses. I am the first port of call if any issues occur and I am usually able to do the necessary repair work myself. However, if a job needs a specialist tradesman such as an electrician or plumber, then I would make the call and arrange this asap. We have a pool of reputable trades people we can call upon. I am married with two grown up boys, one who lives in England and the other in New Zealand and they now have families of their own. Both went to university so I do understand the needs for a happy student house.

Tricia ,


About Tricia

Hi – I’m Tricia. I joined Students on the Green in May 2021 working behind the scenes on the finance side. The business was growing very well and I was on a steep learning curve (I do love a challenge!). I really enjoy the job and I love working with the SOTG team. I have three grown up children who all went to university so it’s interesting to see the student house renting process from this side. I wanted my guys to be happy in their accommodation whilst at uni and having a good landlord is very important - I think most parents would feel the same and I’m confident that our small but caring SOTG team provides the very best they can for the students.

Tim and Becky

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