The holding fee is the money you pay to secure the room/property for you. This fee is £300 and counts towards the total deposit amount.

The deposit amount will vary depending on which property you're renting. It is calculated equivalent to 5 weeks rent. The full deposit amount is due at the time of signing of the Contract and will be kept safe and secure in a government deposit scheme. It is then returned to you at the end of the tenancy provided the property is in the same condition as when you took it on.

If you decide not to go ahead, you'll need to find someone to replace you. Charges maybe incurred as outlined in our Tenant Fees Schedule document and will depend whether a Contract is already in place.

A Joint Tenancy means that the whole group is responsible for all aspects of the tenancy. You will be jointly accountable for the upkeep of the property and the payment of the rent. It's important that you all understand this before signing the Contract.

A Guarantor is somebody who is responsible for paying your rent in the event that you don't. For international students we still require a Guarantor Form to be completed but also require rent to be paid in 3-6 month instalments in advance.

Simply put HMO stands for House in Multiple Occupancy. By law all properties must have a licence if they are occupied by 5 or more people. All of our 5-bed+ properties have been checked by the Runnymede Council to ensure that they are safe and meet the latest requirements. We have also applied the same criteria to our 3 and 4 bedroom houses, so you can be sure that your house is safe.

Our properties have a July/August/September start date, please check your Contract or get in touch.

Rent is due by standing order or bank transfer and is due on the 1st of each month in advance or by special arrangements to be communicated to us in writing.

Utilities (ie. gas/ water/ electrics) and internet are not included in the rent. We will help you ensure your bills are set up correctly.

An inventory is a highly-detailed document that describes the condition of a rental property before a new tenant moves in. The inventory is undertaken by an independent Inventory Clerk. This document will be emailed to you at the start of your tenancy for your record.

At the start of your tenancy and at the time of check-in you will meet a representative from Students on the Green who will hand-over your keys. 

All of our houses come fully furnished and equipped with bedroom furniture including a bed, desk, chair and storage; large kitchen appliances and in most cases smaller appliances like a toaster, kettle and microwave; a vacuum cleaner and cleaning equipment; and furniture in the communal areas. Please check with us for specific details about your property.

The answer is no. However, in some cases we may make an exception but this would need to be discussed and agreed with us prior to moving in.

If you need to end your Contract early, please notify us in writing as soon as possible. It will be your responsibility to find a suitable replacement, and you will be responsible for the terms of the Contract until such point. Please refer to our Tenant Fees Schedule for details on potential charges you may incur.

We can’t guarantee that things won’t go wrong in your property. Taps can leak, appliances can breakdown and boilers can stop working – that’s just life. But, what we can guarantee is that we’ll deal with your issue as efficiently and effectively as possible. Maintenance problems need to be immediately reported to us via email or by phone.

Lost keys need to be reported to us via email. Charges for replacement keys will be incurred, as per the Tenant Fees Schedule document. 

Yes, we strongly advise you to take out personal insurance with a reputable insurer for your possessions as personal items of value will not be covered under the property household insurance.

We don't charge any admin fees. Anything you'll need to pay will be clear and set out from the start – no nasty surprises! Refer to our Tenant Fees Schedule document for costs you may incur during your tenancy, if applicable.

Students are exempt from paying council tax, and Students on the Green will apply to the Council for this exemption on your behalf. Please note, where you ceased to be a student whilst still renting you will be eligible to pay council tax in which case the council will send you a tax bill for the applicable time period for you to settle directly.

International students need to provide us with valid proof of UK residency.

You will still be required to complete a Parent Guarantor Form even if your parent/guarantor live outside of the UK.

Rent payments are requested to be paid in 3-6 months installments in advance.

It is your responsibilty to:

1. Return the property in the same state of cleanliness, condition and decoration, as was documented in the Inventory Report at the start of the tenancy, with allowance of fair wear and tear. We expect you to clean the property to a professional standard fit for rental, and for this reason using a professional cleaning company of your choice at your own expense is highly recommended.

2. You must return all relevant keys.

3. You must ensure all utility bills have been paid in full prior to check-out.